Photo Extravaganza: {{Awkward Pregnancy Photo Album}}

As you all know, no matter what sport I partake in or adventure upon which I embark, it is my primary goal to look as awesome as possible.  Though my ensembles have shifted from black spandex to exclusively horizontally-striped pastels, I am happy to say that I still got it.  And by “it” I mean lots of chins.  And extra biceps.  Biceps are the things that hang off your arms and flap around in a strong breeze, right?

Don’t just take my word for it.  Eric and I decided that we needed to capture some of this magic.  I’ve worked too hard on this body to not make you all look at it.

Ok, I’ve babied you enough.  LET’S GET WEIRD!


Well I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  I’m gonna go find some ice cream now.

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Photo Promenade: {{Yes, it’s the Red River Gorge… Again}}

These are already over a week old.  But I had to share them with you because there are some real winners here…

Here are the attendees!

The Eric, The Jeannie, The Yuliya, The Ashley and The Ben

I love the next two photos because they show two climbers doing the same-ish stuff!  Only Eric’s legs are way too long…

The Yuliya

The Eric

And another photo-pair!  Some other climbers told us there was a puppy trapped in this hole…

The Myself

The Ashley

Of course, the best part of climbing is the napping.



Only one of these people are dead in this.

And we can’t forget Miguel’s Pizza after a long, hard day of napping!


Soon it’s time to retire to bed…

So precious.

But first, some schenanigans!

Go ahead and flag…

Token artsy emo shot…

Climbing is awesome.

Spandex, hard hats and sunshine.  The recipe for happiness!

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