Biking on a Full Stomach

It’s been awhile and I’m sure you’ve missed me. Or maybe Eric- he’s the cute one. We’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking, which has been awesome considering that the weather had been hipsters-in-skinny-corduroy amazing and we’ve duped lots of friends into coming on these adventures with us.


Adam came with us to Brown County State Park in Indiana. Turns out Indiana is way less of a shit-hole than I thought! Adam had a very graceful fall that I was lucky to witness. I know his Mom reads this, so you will be happy to know that he was largely A-OK post fall. Nothing like the nose incident.

Ashley was a great sport for THREE weekends and two different bike media! Mountain biking at Medina, Ohio and Lake Hope State Park, Ohio with the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association, road biking on the tow path during a frigid miserable rain storm and finally, mountain biking at Pontiac Lake State Park in Michigan. I regret that I have no embarrassing photos of her from any of these events. Oh wait. YES I DO.


To be fair, here’s an awesome picture of Ashley.


I realized today that something strange has happened. I think I actually LIKE mountain biking now. Eric broke me down… I thought it would never happen. But yes- I smile when I’m on my mountain bike. Except when I have too many pant layers on and they are all squeezing my crotch in a terrible way. I have the most fun with Ashley because she also shares my passion for fashion and we like to chat about makeup while we’re brushing the dirt and blood off after the falls.

Back to my crotch. I think it’s time I tell you the REAL news, son. You’re going to be a big brother!


I’ve been in this “condition” for 12 weeks, supposedly.   And the most amazing awesome part is that, other than my altitude sickness, I haven’t been sick at all!  This has enabled me to run and bike and go to the scariest haunted houses that Cleveland has to offer. It has also enabled me to eat. Hence the tight pants. And squished crotch.

Before you all (especially the soon-to-be-Grandmas) judge me for continuing my bikey actions, read this thingy that I found online that supports only my side of the story:

Oh yes I can!

Here’s the main point of the article (with my comments conveniently parenthesized):

“Pain means stop. (I haven’t been in pain… except for the crotch thing) “When they’re not pregnant, athletes are taught to work through pain, to run through pain,” says Andrew Satin, chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Johns Hopkins Bayview in Baltimore. “Pregnancy is not the time to do that.” In pregnancy, episodes of pain or shortness of breath are “a time to stop and reassess.”  (I promise to stop in this case, I PROMISE!)

Use common sense. If you’ve been running, keep it up (see?  I can keep running!), but your balance might be a little off, so “you have to be really careful with the footwork (footwork is my middle name).”

Avoid falls. In the latter half of pregnancy (I still have MONTHS in the former half!), avoid sports in which there’s a danger of falling, such as bike or horseback riding or downhill skiing, or getting hit, such as soccer. While pregnant, long-time climbers Cooper and Delfin did only top-roping, in which their rope was always anchored above them. Generally, top-roping minimizes the chance that a climber could fall very far.  (I’m always the follower so it’s all good!)”

And don’t worry.  Though I have begun to enjoy mountain biking at the worst possible time to enjoy mountain biking, I will always remain true to my favorite sport.



10 thoughts on “Biking on a Full Stomach

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hell yeah! Make sure you take very detailed notes on all of your exercise escapes during the next ~9months. I want the beta, bitch!

  2. yeah, i think fda hit everyone who ever commented on your blog, dang it.

    Actually, my vast readership had skyrocketed into the tens of readers, and being reclusive, I panicked and made a New Secret Blog. Niece instilled me with the notion that better not to have comments in that you stop worrying about what you write.As If I were ever worried.

    Race is feb.2, although I think I’m downscaling to 50. I’m old and it’s harder to navigate trails with a cane than I had imagined.

    Congrats on the munchkin-to-be! Be careful. Yes, I’m such a mother …

  3. Just curious. Re-reading while waiting another six months for your next post and I noticed a seeming discrepancy. You say Footwork is your middle name, but your fancy pants baby x-ray says M. is your middle initial. As an annoying copy editor, this bothers me greatly. Explanation?

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