Mountain Biking Glamour Shots: A How-To

Let’s recap. A new bike does not a good mountain biker make.

Glamorous mountain bike photos? A different story, indeed.

Here are some easy steps to looking fabulous and cool in a bikish setting, leading others to believe in your trail cred.

1. Scenery, Scenic Props and Signage. The rockier and “out-Westier,” the better.


No need to even be actually riding, or to be riding on anything more technical than a sidewalk. Let the “oh, they’re in Moab- they must be good bikers” effect take hold.


Find a trail sign to include in your shot. You don’t have to ride the trail, just “set the stage.”


2. Low-angle Bike Gangster Shots.



3. Gymnastic flourishes.


Once again, no need to even be sitting on your bike for these. A grand gesture or flourish will assume success of some sort. “She’s wearing a helmet and she’s celebrating- she must have just slayed some gnar dirt.”

4. Go ahead. Walk it.

Find some moderate terrain. Walk your bike up it! Remember- safety is paramount! You don’t want to end your photo sesh by hurting yourself riding a bike! That would completely defeat the purpose.


5. Logos, Names and Brands!


Look like you’re sponsored. Either buy some stuff in the “bike” section of REI, or print out some logos from the Interwebs. Paste logos on your helmet, shorts, tube top and bike.


6. Create a Signature Style.

Maybe you are a terrible rider. No sweat! Find something cool and different, something that people will recognize as strictly your style. OWN IT.



7. DIRT.

Lastly and most importantly, dirt. I cannot express how important dirt is to your cred. You can’t have too much of this stuff. Put in on your bike, on your legs, really anywhere except for your lipgloss. Don’t let the dirt outweigh the glamour.


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One thought on “Mountain Biking Glamour Shots: A How-To

  1. Maul says:

    HAR HAR HAR! Definitely taking notes 😀

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