I Could Really go for a Burrito

I’m sweltering in a tent under a starry sky. Huge black silhouettes loom around the tent on all sides. My belly is growling. Sidekick is grinning in his sleep, because he KNOWS. Without even being awake he KNOWS we’re actually in the place he dreams about every night.

We’re in Moab.

Did I mention I can’t sleep? I made the mistake of reading the guidebook, specifically about the Slickrock and Portal trails, the former being one of the most renown and iconic, the latter being one of the most dangerous… I think Eric mean to kill me here.

I haven’t seen my surroundings by the light of day yet. I know the looming figures around us are stunning rock formations, and I’m dying to see them!

But mostly I’m dying for breakfast…

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3 thoughts on “I Could Really go for a Burrito

  1. Maul says:

    This fat kid loves food. Not sure I could do what you folks are doing! 😀

  2. You COULD! We have snacks! Just not in the tent at 0300 when I need them most! Miss you, sissy!

  3. Kevin Greene says:

    I just had a burrito! eggs, chili, avocado, a hot dog, sour cream, garlic and spinach is not an award winning combination, but I’ve had worse. keep writing! I’m living vicariously through your adventure while I melt in this piece of shit trailer, on this piece of shit rig, in this piece of shit desert. maybe another disgustingly overstuffed burrito will make me feel better.

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