I’m Officially on Vacation, Erin Chlum

Myself and my lovely sidekick Eric are mountain biking, backpacking, eating and weddinging our way around the West.

We left Friday after work and spent some Chicago time with Ashley, Yuliya and Adam*, all three of whom have been featured on the lab!

Ashley has an admirable collection of Rhode Island/Texas t-shirts.


We ate some incredible vittles, after Yuliya was accosted by an intense homeless man.

After we drank liters of coffee, we hit the road again. There’s a lot of Nebraska to get through on the way to Colorado!

Around 2:00 am Saturday, Eric looked like this:


I sought the opportunity to take a side excursion to Hastings, Nebraska! Hastings is where I learned to color, spell my name, and ride a bike! It was also the location of my earliest puking memories- each day before Kindergarten for the first few days and my first bite wings at the dentist. The dentist advised me, “Just breathe through your nose!”- which I still must do to this day to avoid dental regurgitation and fouled toof xrays.

I thought it would be charming and fun to take some pictures with my elementary school and our house.


Turns out, lurking around an elementary school at 2:00 in the morning is just creepy.

Though I can’t promise more lurking, I CAN promise more puking. What happens when a low-altitude Noob attempts to climb a 14,000 foot mountain? STAY TUNED.

*THIS JUST IN: ADAM HAS SMASHED HIS NOSE WHILST SOCCERING! The Lab is seeking photos and will post upon receipt.

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One thought on “I’m Officially on Vacation, Erin Chlum

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is one awesome shirt! Where can I get one?

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