Ragnar Northwest Passage – Part I: Trouble in Paradise

A few months ago, I emphatically cried, “YES!” to Yuliya’s, “wanna be on my Ragnar relay team in Washington State in July?”

The timeframe was midst-high-mileage marathon training runs so Ragnar sounded great. Any running that was not 18 miles at a time on the Towpath in solidarity sounded amazeballs. Eric rolled his beautiful blues and tried to change the subject to mountain biking.

Ragnar relays are a series within the States. They are long and well organized. Just how I like my coffee. They have slick websites and cool gear you can buy!

Yuliya is to Ragnar as Eric is to bike. I will spare you the X-rated details. Her choice, the Northwest Passage, was particularly appealing to moi, as I will take any opportunity to visit this region, which has managed to elude me for life thus far.

I never expected the turmoil this innocent little relay would cause within my marriage. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how much Eric despises the idea of having to pay to run. He thinks it’s the dumbest idea since… I don’t know… beard maintenance! And traveling with the specific goal of paid running is a whole new level of dumb. What can I say, except, “you married it?”

Despite two layers of dumb, we are pretty cool with supporting each other in our desires and pursuits and Eric was, at this point, just eye-rollin’ with it. UNTIL I manipulated him into joining the team. I used my cutest voice and whiniest whine and within seconds he was in. He only realized a few hours later what a grave mistake he had made. Layer 3, ladies and gentlemen.

I had delayed Ragnar logistics long enough to make using our stockpile of free flights impossible, and now we had 2 flights and 2 entry fees to pay for! We were well over $1K for an event that Eric despised. And I was in deep shit.

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4 thoughts on “Ragnar Northwest Passage – Part I: Trouble in Paradise

  1. As with all things in life, I’d bet good money that you guys are having an amazing time. Even if more rolling of the ol’baby blues persists!

  2. Nathan says:

    I have always really enjoyed the actual running and camaraderie of relay races despite the logistical headaches. Hopefully Eric feels similar.

    Also during the night legs, it’s pretty awesome when all you see is the blinking light from another runner on the horizon and you just focus on running that blinking light down

  3. Maul says:

    The good thing about spending your money on running is that participant medals are easier to move than furniture and electronics đŸ˜€

  4. Andrew says:

    Rest up for 12,000 feet lady!

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