Lab Report : {{Summer of Muskrat – Conclusion}}

I can’t believe I’m typing this – but I’m leaving my beloved Summer of Muskrat challenge.

I made it 45 days, On day 46, Eric, Ashley and I went on a mountain bike ride that destroyed me.  Seriously, this is what I looked like:

It was my SDOL.  Sweatiest Day of Life – a true milestone.

Driving home, as the sun was setting, I thought about the 4 miles I still had to run before the dawn of tomorrow.  I looked down at my right foot… the one that has been aching in various ways for a good month now.  I thought about what I would say to someone whining to me about an injury.  I would tell them to rest.  Let some healing happen.  Eat some nachos and chill the F out.

When we finally got home, I walked right past my expectant looking running shoes and flopped onto the couch.  I ate a lot of nachos.  I watched Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen.  I was happy.

Stuff I learned from Summer of Muskrat:

  • All I need to do to really piss Eric off is go on a run through the Flats.  Especially after dark.
  • I can run on a full stomach of Indian food.
  • I can run four miles when I’m drunk.
  • Black spandex is a girl’s best friend.
  • There’s always time in every day (even the busiest of days) to get some exercise.
  • For reasons unknown to me, people don’t actually mind if you have to disappear for 40 minutes and you come back reeking of sweat and shame.
  • Amazing life moments happen when you dink around outside a lot!  Firefly storms, black bear sightings, baby animals of all kinds… these are only a few of the experiences brought to me on SOM runs…
  • Never forget to sunscreen your feet when you’re beach frolicking or your running shoes will become your worst nightmare.
  • Your body will tell you what to do.  Sometimes it will tell you to eat nachos.
  • I still have a lot to learn.

Best of skill and daring to the hardcore remaining rats.  Thank you for pineapples, fireflies and marshmallow cream.

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2 thoughts on “Lab Report : {{Summer of Muskrat – Conclusion}}

  1. Maul says:


  2. What I learned:

    You will knock off your 100 mile race next year, in time to get in a climb and ride your mountain bike home from the race.

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