Summer of Muskrat: Rando Act of Silliness #1

This is going to seem quite random unless you read this.

Please note: the requisite 1 mile was commenced after all requirements had been met, ie. after I had miraculously found and donned Hawaiian-ish togs in the forest.  My time was 14:23.  It’s not easy running in flip flops.

Here are some snapshots….


A pineapple in hand is worth two in the bush…

Hydration is key.


Don’t mind the profanity and enjoy the show!


11 thoughts on “Summer of Muskrat: Rando Act of Silliness #1

  1. A work of art this perfect should be in the Sixteenth Chapel. Bravo!

    And thanks for not going “Pink Flamingos” on the horse poop.

  2. Lacey Scee says:

    i envy your adventures and I am experiencing all of them vicariously through these blog posts and awesome videos! keep em’ coming 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recognize that dress! Hahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Said Nora’s iPad.

  5. Maul says:

    Outstanding! This is the true Cutterman philosophy…when life gives you something unpleasant, mix it with alcohol 😀

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