Side Experiments: {2 Wheels} {An Abbreviated Bike Tour of the Allegheny}

Eric and I took a little bike tour around Allegheny Reservoir in the great state of PA this weekend.  I don’t wanna get too wordy on you, but I have no problem going all picturey on your ass…

Waterproof, but not slug-proof, to my dismay.

Hard to tell, but I’m going at least 54 mph.

Here, I’ll prove it to you.  Me going at least 54 mph and not being too cool about it.

Of course, we had to fit some muskrat miles in!

Stunning trails!

Did I say “stunning” trails? I meant DELICIOUS trails.

Mysterious floating sock phenomenon caught on film!

CAUGHT in the act of sock floating!

Readying the steed for Day 2.

I could’ve easily done without Day 2.

This guy was also not a fan of Day 2.

When we returned to Earth, we drank lots of coffee.

In the end we had gone 49.68 miles. This seems like a lot for a minute. Then I realize that I watched my friends run 70 miles in a much shorter time frame a few weekends ago. *sigh*

Another weekend – another adventure. Another picture for Eric’s collage.


4 thoughts on “Side Experiments: {2 Wheels} {An Abbreviated Bike Tour of the Allegheny}

  1. Epic! not too many fans of day 2, but I sure was a fan of Day 2 pics! p.s. very good video, I dont think I would have believed 54mph….overall; I’m convinced I need to buy panniers and bike to leadville!

    • That is a great idea! You would be in killer shape and the slow burn up the Rockies would acclimate you! If you wanna borrow a road bike/pannier rack/panniers, we got you covered!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE the Jeannie roadkill photo op! I love you guys… always on the move 🙂

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