Noob Gear: {Injinji Toe Socks}

I have crooked toes. You might already know this…

Cue crooked toe collage.

I blame this lady. My dear Mother.

Yes, she’s adorable! But she gave me these toes. And these toes blister like whoa. Need I remind you of the Hulk Thumb Smash?

Luckily, Injinji toe socks exist. And they have for a while. Only they’ve finally morphed into perfection for my short, squatty toes.


The performance weight socks are super thin and smooth. They can hug short fat toes like mine or long luxurious toes like Eric’s!


These look cute just lying on the carpet. I could frame them!



Turtle paws!


An unexpected bonus is that the green Injinjis match the dude version if the Pearl Izumi’s Peak II (my favs!) PERFECTLY!


The bad news is that, though far less frequent, I still get toe blisters if I’m running long on a hot day. Lucky for you, though, experimentation never stops at Noob Lab and there is a plethora of lubricating substances that are soon to be all over these little piggies.

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2 thoughts on “Noob Gear: {Injinji Toe Socks}

  1. Maul says:

    I’m just not ready to make the jump to toe thongs yet…then again, mom didn’t give me her toes…or her nose. Dammit to the last.

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