Thank You, Muskrats…

If I hadn’t said I would run 4 miles each day for 100 days, I wouldn’t have put the 4 miles in tonight.

We’re in PA to pace our friends through the last 20 miles of the Laurel Highlands 70 tomorrow.

After a huge dinner, as nightfall was upon us, I remembered I had yet to get my run on. I threw on my spandex outfit and convinced Eric he must join me lest I get attacked!

Full starry sky. Fireflies. EVERYWHERE. Coyotes howling at one point (in PA? Maybe they were kids…).

I can’t capture this run in words. I don’t even know why I’m trying… You’ll just have to trust me. Or get to rural PA ASAP. They have the world’s most “turned on” lightening bugs!

And regarding all the bad things I’ve said about SoM and how hard it is and how tired I am… Tonight would have never happened if it weren’t for you. Then again, I also would have never seen that guy on Willy street. Or his Willy.

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3 thoughts on “Thank You, Muskrats…

  1. Maul says:

    I love it when things work out this way! Serendipity is always in the positive direction, and awesomeness is frequently wrapped in a cloak of uncoolness 😉

  2. theboojer says:

    Of the all the things I miss about living back east, lightning bugs are right near the top.

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