Lit Review: {{Born to Run}}


The Noob Lab literature review committee (Cassandra the Happy Bust, Southern Gentleman Fox, and myself) is happy to report that this one is a lot better than the last one.

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall


Most of you have already read this book because most of you are way cooler than I. I thought it was a good read, however it wasn’t as “YOU CAN’T PUT THIS SHIT DOWN” as I had heard. Maybe because the only genre that grips me in such a way is Mountaineering Non-fict. Give me Krakauer! Give me Viesters! Oh and ENDURANCE: the epic tale of Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage was incredibly gripping. I digress…


I liked this book for the same reason that mildly annoyed me. It felt like potentially 4 books interwoven into one. There was the story of the Tarahumara and our main man Caballo Blanco (RIP) along with a host of running stars. Then there was the Chi/POSE/Run-Like-You’re-Barefoot-on-Concrete Running theme that never really gave me the recipe for running “easy and light.” There was a cool part about persistence hunting and why Homo Erectus was made for this running business. Ol’ Chris also fit in that we should eat salad for breakfast.

This was ALL intriguing to me- and I wanted MORE of each story. I guess that was the point- but now I have to find 6 more books to get more info about chia seeds and breakfast salad. Oh, and HOW do I run easy, light and fast, again?! YouTube, I need you now.

I really did get a lot out of this book. I am a chia seedling now. Its hard to tell for sure, but when I imbibe in The Seed, I feel like I can actually run. These are possibly the best placebo ever.


Placebo effect or not, this is science. I promise I’m not trying to sell you any chia seeds, but you should check out their benefits right about here.

You can throw these into any food or drink. I am currently drinking them in carrot juice medium, which makes me feel like I’m really cool. Yesterday, I tried dumping them directly into my mouth. They are so light and delicate and adorable that I didn’t even realize I had completely filled my face until a stream of chia seeds spilled down my shirt directly into my bra! I discovered a colony of them living there when I got home 7 hours later.


Southern Gentleman fox found this book to be mildly entertaining, but the praise for the two-legged perspirators was annoying to this proud respirator…


My plans to turn Cassandra the Happy Bust into a Chia pet are well underway. I anticipate the disbanding of this committee within the week.

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3 thoughts on “Lit Review: {{Born to Run}}

  1. Molly Waters says:

    Maybe we could write a book on teaching bricks to run…that about sums us up…hard, heavy, and slow! 😀

  2. Does a carrot juice medium actually allow you to talk to dead carrots? If so, please apologize to the baby I ate last week. Thank you.

    p.s. Chias never win.

  3. theboojer says:

    Found my way here from ilikemargarine as I am a fellow SoM participant. Funny stuff you have on here. I have been wanting to read Born to Run and now I don’t feel so bad for putting it off.

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