Fitting it in

I was here last weekend.

Here being “The Gunks,” or the Shawangunk Ridge near New Paltz, NY. Also entitled the Mohonk Preserve. Which begs the question… why not “The Honks?”

The players from port to starboard: Ali, Eric, Jeannie and Ben. (yes, those are the Juniors Target sunglasses)


I was honored to follow my beloved friend and climbing idol Ali up Gelsa and Rusty Trifle. We had six pitches of glee and even some suspense.

I was working a particularly tricky nut and I decided I would need my nut tool! A nut tool is a flat metal hook that enables you to remove the flared blocky nut from the orifice in which your fearless leader placed it to protect your ass from falling. A nut that is difficult for the second, aka MOI, to remove, would probably have been adequate at catching moi as moi falls after her cosmetic heel hook fails and she plummets a harrowing three feet (rope stretch).

Um so I dropped my nut tool. Time stood still. It bounced and clinked down the rock face as my heart ceased to beat. A lost nut tool is at best a lost nut. And at likeliest an embarrassing conversation with your leader. An especially sad embarrassing conversation if your leader is your sibling from another mibling…

To my shock the tool glided INTO the rock at my feet, vice continuing the 25 80 feet to the ground. I frantically grabbed it from its temporary home before it could have second thoughts and secured to my person. This story may seem silly, but in summary: it was a miracle. (I’m aware that I use the term miracle loosely.)

Speaking of miracle- the crag fashion displayed this weekend was pretty staggering. Interested agents may contact me by leaving a comment below.

20120531-113304.jpgI am a very lucky lady. I have the best weekend adventures! I mean, LOOK at this trail!


Prior to saying “Sure, ok I guess….” to the Summer of Muskrat, I knew I would be challenged to fit my runs in, especially during weekend adventures such as this. I was also wondering if it would take a toll on the people around me when I randomly disappeared for a run.

Well I’m happy to report that no one seems to mind! After our last climb on Sunday, we went into town for dinner, only I ran and they drove. It was pretty simple. The next day, during our hike, I took “the long way,” got my 4 miles in, and met the posse sunning themselves like lizards at the lake!

While it seems painless enough to fit the runs in to my life, the runs themselves have been a huge challenge. It sucks to run every day. I have become a diva and usually drive to a nice trail for the occasion. Now that I run every day, I’ve been trying to keep it realistic and run in my hood and general area. What shouldn’t really surprise me are the encounters I’ve had doing this. One example is coming upon a man peeing his little heart out right on the sidewalk on Willy street between Tremont and Ohio City. I know… When ya gotta go… But there were plenty of places to duck into or behind. It was broad daylight, too. Gotta live Willy street.

I have to get my oil changed tonight for my trip to the jail tomorrow. More on that later… Normally I would sit and watch Oprah and patiently wait for the mechanics to convince me I need a new air filter. This time, I will be putting on my running shoes and pounding Parma pavement. This is my life now. Only 93 days to go…

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2 thoughts on “Fitting it in

  1. This is excellent! I’ve always wondered what effect the 300-foot fall from the side of a mountain would have on a run streak, but lacked a volunteer for actual field testing.

    Hopefully the tedium of running in the hood will be lessened slightly by the Random Acts of Silliness. (none of which involve public urination. i think.)

  2. Molly Waters says:

    You should have fired a tazer into the pee puddle…

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