Lab Seeks Catalyst for Continued Experimentation

It’s T+2 days.

I haven’t gone for a run, ventured to the gym or even spent any painful moments with Douglas, my favorite character from the free Hulu yoga videos, since the marathon on Sunday. I know my bod (especially my bowels) needs to take few days for recovery.

I’m still in the acceptable laze zone. What IS the acceptable post-race laze zone? One week? Two? I’ve been with me for 29 years, and I’ve learned that, given the opportunity, I will generally default to lazy, and feel content and happy on the couch, covered in cats.

Wisdom, experience and drive are chemicals generally not kept on stock here at Noob Lab. We do have a healthy supply of tricks, treats, flamboyance and shame, to name a few, and these are often effective catalysts for exercise.


TRICKS: The ol’ balance a tennis ball on your thumb. Your thumb that you aren’t even supposed to have!

TRICKS. Eric: “I CAN’T FIND ROO OR BUGWHISKERS!! Run outside and see if they escaped! Keep running! Maybe they made it down to Akron! Here, put your running shoes on! HURRY! THE KITTENS!”

TREATS. Yes, Roo, those are gummy dinos. You will like them.

TREATS. Molly: “Let’s go get crepes at the market! …and then go running?”

FLAMBOYANCE: Quite the handsome devil, wouldn’t you say?

FLAMBOYANCE. Inner Monologue: “I have to get to the gym so my people can compliment me on this new neon lifting kilt!” (sorry sis, the lifting kilt is never gonna catch on)


SHAME: Roo loves kisses from Eric.

SHAME. My boss, Jerry: “You only ran 10 minute miles? If I put the cooler down and dropped 20 pounds I could WALK faster than that! I’m disappointed in you, Greene!”

Oh wait… There’s another!

Summer of Muskrat

This is the brain child of one of my favorite people whom I have never met, the curator of the “Amuseum” known as This blog is awesome, and every day I thank the cyberbots that connected me to it.

Starting Thursday, May 24th, participants will attempt to run 4 miles minimum per day for 100 days, per the rules of the game. Having just made it through 26, it seems reasonable… But knowing what’s ahead of me during these coming hundred days makes me brace myself. There are days in which 4 miles are going to be terrible. Such as the day after I attempt to pace the badass Jenn (of Sleep.Eat.Endure… Repeat) or the badass Loïc (of Epic Road, Endless Life) for an unknown duration at the Leadville 100 this August. I’m sure I will learn how to run a barely sub-15:00 mile (another stipulation of the SOM) on days like this.

Despite the imminent pain and whining (sorry Eric), this is going to be the perfect means to keep the lab movin’ through the summer. I will surely let you all (there’s like 10 or 11 of you now!) know how it goes. Until then, where did I put that black and white cat?  Back to the couch…

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6 thoughts on “Lab Seeks Catalyst for Continued Experimentation

  1. beth greene says:

    This is your mother-in-law and I think you are just terrific!!!

  2. Maul says:

    Vanity is my favorite lab chemical. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…shall I work out today?”

    “Get to the gym, lardass.” 😀

  3. You’re going to totally crush the competition in the Neon Lifting Kilt sub-competition.

    Summer of Muskrat 15 minutes away and we just got home from the bar. Ominous start.

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