Tapering Depression

20120510-115338.jpgSo now I’m tapering. I think the timing is horrible. It’s starting to get warmer and warmer as the über long days of summer descend upon me. All this sunshine and heat has made me second guess my running wardrobe, which is primarily black and mostly military-grade high density spandex. Have you ever gone for a jog in a wetsuit? Awesome idea- terrible in reality!

The sun also tends to strike most directly on my upper lip. No amount of SPF One Thousand has slowed the inevitable Tan-Stache. Perhaps a bandaid or a sombrero would help. If anyone has found a good running sombrero, I’m all mustaches ears.

The aforementioned demise of my best running sunglasses still haunts me. My brief excitement over my Target Juniors quickly diminished when I field tested them. Their vertical lens gradient coupled with my bouncing running face results in a nausea inducing strobe-like effect. LIGHT DARK LIGHT DARK LIGHT DARK LIGHTDARKLIGHTDARK *gulp* LIGHTDARKLIGHTDARK *closes eyes* DARK DARK DARK *falls off trail and into river*.

20120510-115515.jpg[Me, the glasses, the Hubby (full of love) and the river]

I’ve always been terrible at stretching and I think the fewer miles/lower frequency runs of this taper business have really highlighted this. During my recent runs, I have foot pain. I have knee pain. I’m worried about these and jealous of my former mile collecting self who was either too dumb to notice these ailments or way too studly to even have them. (Likely the latter).

I know what I need to do. I need to step away from the ice cream and don the free-flowing running muumuu. I need to do some stretching, some lacrosse balling, some foam rolling and some mustache maintenance.

But most of all, I need a sombrero.

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8 thoughts on “Tapering Depression

  1. You need a massage!!! And wait.. more importantly.. how did you change the “Comments” to Say some stuff!?? I love this.. it makes me actually want to… “say some stuff!”

    • JENNYBEANZ! Go into your dashboard for your blog –> Settings –> Discussion –> scroll all the way down to “prompt.” And have at it! Massage- yea! I am going to try to find one this week. Thanks as always for the advice!

  2. We have actually field tested this theory, at last year’s Moostachio Basheeoo (the tan-stache coulda made you a contender!) My pal Tom paired his mustache up with a Racing Sombrero and said it performed OK. Of course, he also tried to get Ryan Hall to autograph a green bean for me, so he’s not particularly well-balanced. (tom’s about three photos down in the post below)


    • This is amazing! You’re my Blog Brother From Another Mother! I’m impressed. And I’m embracing my mustache… (Or- enjoying my mustache’s embrace?) now. Thank you.

      • I’ve added bios to the Summer of Muskrat participants, so you can see who your co-conspirators would be. Seven days away! Act soon or you’ll miss out on the free set of Tupperware. (superstar, contestant the second, is sombrero boy.)

  3. epicroadendlesslife says:

    Massage, like Jen said. She found this to be particularly helpful ! Go for small jogs, loosen up. You know what to do, now execute. You are going to breeze past this marathon! Ps running in wetsuit, very familiar with this…not a good time. Look into cwx compression shorts if you’ve got some spare mula, Jen’s been the tester on this and I think she’s gave ’em 2 thumbs up. But seriously, why does every running company mostly choose black????

    • I have their tights- they are (surprise) black! But with grey webbies around the knees. No just ordered some valve sleeves that are hopefully fantastically “schmedium”. I. STILL. GET. SORE. CALVES. Yarg.

  4. Maul says:

    I prefer black. It goes with everything…especially the rest of my black clothing. Have you also considered one of those far eastern conical jobs among your running headgear? They seem really light weight. And finally, if there is a guy who can summit massive peaks blind, I’m sure you can run with your eyes closed. It will certainly be more entertaining for everyone else 😀 Looking forward to the Marathon and Half! This proves I’m half the woman you are!

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