Cleveland Attacked by Sunshine

Today I was attacked at the bus stop.


My assailant simultaneously photobombed my bus stop self-shots, tried to burn my pasty skin and poked me in the eyeballs. Good thing I had my new sunglasses, straight from the juniors rack at Target.

As an added bonus, these puppies look great with my uniform.


Since I am not responsible enough to have nice things (oh, swanky interchangeable-lens Smiths, I hope you’re enjoying your new home at the bottom of Willoughby Bay) and I have the head dimensions of a child, why not?

These will certainly spice up my running outfits.

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2 thoughts on “Cleveland Attacked by Sunshine

  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember this thing you call sunshine. It is considered a myth here in Ketchikan…some of the elders claim to have actually seen it!

  2. I once found a $120 pair of Nike sunglasses. I had them for exactly one day before leaving them in a cafe after lunch. Mostly I just squint. You can never go wrong with Target glasses …

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