Red River Gorge Photo Hootinanny! {{April 28-29, 2012}}

We went back to the Red this last weekend with the same happy characters that you were just introduced to.  (Sans salamander…).

The climbing was wonderful, the company was bearable.  We met some adorbs Canadians, too!  Oh, and Adam decided to up the ante…

Adam is a Noob, but he is seriously tearin' it (his skin!) up! He really pours himself (HIMSELF!) into his climbing!

Ashley killin' it. FUN FACT: She mentioned this was her exact work outfit the previous Wednesday! YES!

That little speck way up there is Ashley! The other little speck is Yuliya.

Ben climbing with one hand tied behind his back.

Spot the climber! It's me (duh).

Apre climb. Yuliya and Eric.

Hello there, Adam!

If anyone knows a Petzl rep, please direct them to this shot of Eric looking wicked hot in his pro.

Ben leading Cheaper Than a Movie, a FIVE STAR crack. Probably my favorite climb of life to date.

Yuliya eclipse.

Thanks for the lead, Ben! I shamefully take advantage and enjoy all five of the stars.

Group photo. Eric appears to be actively urinating.

Though I can’t say I’m getting better at climbing, I most definitely enjoy it more!  The Chi-town Quadfecta always brings the best treats to the crag with them!  There are a few more terrifying pictures to come.  One, specifically, will kill off all 8 of you who are bored enough to visit this blog.  I expect to have it posted within a day or two.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my husband peeing himself.

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2 thoughts on “Red River Gorge Photo Hootinanny! {{April 28-29, 2012}}

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeannie this is awesome! Thanks for putting together a much easier way for me to stalk you! The bushes outside your house are not nearly as comfortable as the comfort of my own home. Lets start talking long distance running. I’m trying to get myself past the 3 hour mark and I heard that’s the new black for you. Lets figure it out or at least not figure it out together.

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