Red River Gorge Photo Extravaganzapaloozathon! {{April 14-15, 2012}}

We went climbing at the Red River Gorge a few weekends ago.

I’ve since come into some supplemental visuals that cannot be kept from the world.

Eric has his hand way up in the crack. I am pretending to belay him... meanwhile I have spotted a salamander tail at the base of the crack.

Me and Salamander! Salamander and I!

Yuliya takes a crack ride. Ashley belays!

Hydration is fun again! I love watering my friends! This is me and Adam. Adam and I.

Yuliya can hold onto tiny things. She is like a spider.

I feel like a badass because I'm bleeding. In all reality, this blood is probably Adam's, strewn haphazardly up the rocks.

Eric and I have perfected the awkward prom pose.

This would NEVER be allowed at prom! Get a room, Ben and Ashley!

Adam. Yuliya. At least 60 pounds of perfect calf between the two of them.

Brace yourself for new pictures from the recent weekend.  There is lots more blood!

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