Noob Gear : {The iPhone}

I have recently been using a little gadgie called “iPhone” during my runs. It’s basically a calculator that takes pictures, but you can configure it to play music and tell you how slow you’re running. I’m not terribly impressed and I don’t think this one will be catching on with the kiddies anytime soon.

Anyway, thought I should share some deets in case any of you are looking for a tool like this.

First of all, iPhone sucks at taking its own picture. I feel like this is really unacceptable. Mainly because I am AWESOME at taking my own picture. I do it all the time. When I’m at work, drinking coffee, camping, getting attacked by my friends’ cat…

Here’s the back of iPhone. This part gets really sweaty when I run with it. So far it doesn’t seem to be effected, though. I’m planning a full sports bra immersion soon to really test it’s sweat resistance rating.

There’s a really small mirror on the back. It’s shaped like an apple. This is hands-down the worst mirror I own. The practicality of it is just comical! I can’t put my mid-run eyeliner on with this- it’s just TOO SMALL. I’m pretty sure the mirror was actually intended as an emergency signaling mirror. I should be able to test this theory soon, perhaps during my first marathon attempt coming on May 20th.

Here’s the front.

This front-view self shot is terrible, but you had to see it in case you need a device that can competently and confidently take it’s own picture. If so, iPhone is not for you.

The iPhone can be configurized using appetizers, or “apps.” For running, my favorite appetizer is Nike+ GPS. Unfortunately, this one isn’t free, but for $1.99, it’s way cheaper than most appetizers. I personally have never seen nachos, cheese sticks or a charcuterie platter for anywhere near $1.99!

Nike+ GPS allows you to select your time, distance or keep both unspecified. You can choose to have a robot give you feedback at the interval of your choice. My robot tells me my total elapsed time and pace every half mile.

The appetizer allows you to select your music source and if you’d like your Faceboob friends to cheer/heckle you while you run. I haven’t used this feature yet… Not really sure how it works. I’m guessing random creepy voices patch through and read comments as they happen.

All of your runs are stored for future reference for the mile collectors in the house. You can even bring up little maps of your routes. I’ve NEVER met an artichoke dip that can do that!

iPhone has a couple more features, but I’m bored with this post so I’m gonna wrap it up. I know it’s a long shot, but if any of you own one of these, make sure to post a comment. What’s your favorite running appetizer?

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6 thoughts on “Noob Gear : {The iPhone}

  1. loicbernard says:

    A fav app[tizer] of mine is Instagram, it says “hey i’m super artsy because I put a filter making my picture of bacon look like it’s from the 70’s”, yeah I love doing that.

  2. mostly i’m stunned that you had a 368 mile run. And after all that, your little runner icon doesn’t appear to be cramped up like a pretzel or barfing up his $1.99 nachos.

    I just stumbled across this post while moseying through the running blogs and I assure you my life is changed forever. Excellent work. This could be just the thing Apple needs to finally spark some interest in the 80 and under crowd.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I mean… It’s a little too technical for most people. Science scares people.

      Yeah, for my long runs (237 mile and above), I find it easier if I lay in the back of the car, eat gel after gel, and kick my legs as if running. This can result in The Pretzel, but usually only if an Island Nectar GU is involved.

  3. LB says:

    holy crap jeannie! i just read your entire blog and i love it. you are so funny and pretty and probably the best runner i now know. i like how you are writing about it. i wish i could say something funny like everyone else but i’m not that witty so… good job.


    • Lis! You are such a sweetie! I’m glad you like zee blog. It’s been a fun way to share the trials and tribs with all y’all. My attempt to bait REAL athletes into telling me all their secrets is sorta working… I’ve gotten some good advice already! I need to check back in with Love, Lis! A blog with real content not nonsense like this! 🙂

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