Longest Run of Life

Today I ran 22 miles. This is my LROL, yo. That’s a cool acronym I might have made up. Longest Run ‘O Life. We’re keeping it Irish, people.


Some pretty shots of The Hoag (Cuyahoga National Park), where I embarked on this run. LOTS of bridge porn…


Prior to today, my longest run was 18 painful miles. I remember wondering how I would ever make it to marathon distance if 18 miles on super flat hard packed Tow Path left me with a facial twitch and explosive diarrhea.

I’m happy to report that, though I still have a bit of a twitch in my left eye, no diarrhea today. What kind of lab would this be if we didn’t dabble with some experimental drugs?

Behold… Savior of my colon!


These out-of-date anti-diarrheal pills (loperamide hydrochloride) and I locked eyes this morning as I was getting my running togs (our Aussie friend Rhys uses the term “togs.” Adorable). There was simply nowhere to go but up with my running/pooping situation. So I took one- and BAM! Just ONE poop for 22 miles! My normal rate is once every 5 miles. Not joking. It’s a problem. And I have yet to find anyone- Noob or Pro, who has such a hard time with this. I hope my loyal readers (there are five of you, now that I signed my Mom up against her will) have some advice.

In the meantime, until I hear otherwise, Loperamide is by my side.


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