Hitting the Books

I still haven’t read “Born to Run.” I HAVE requested a copy from the library, though. When I was lurking around for running references on the library’s slick website I came across this…


Trail Running: From Novice to Master

I chose this book because of its publisher, The Mountaineer Books. The publisher of the most badass books of life SUCH AS “Freedom of the Hills,” aka the mountaineer’s bible.

Though this book is only 10 years old, the pics inside make it seem much older. I mean… Check this chick out! She’s doing the tank-top bra-strap roll that I myself rocked back in high school track! And look at the size of her shoes!


This book may end up being a dud… But any knowledge is good, right? This is Noob Lab. Not Make-Fun-of-2002 Lab. I look forward to reporting on the contents of this little gem.

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