Laboratory of the Noob

Welcome to Noob Lab.


Here we will conduct a series of experiments. We will study La Noob as she conquers her inner demons (namely inadequate calves), hopefully becomes less of a pussy, adventurizes all over the place, and shares the results with other Noobs.

The true intent is to bait you Pros out there to spill your secrets to the Nooby masses. To be so outraged by the sheer ignorance and folly found here that you inadvertently offer free training without even realizing it. You’re a starving artist. I am a naked model on a beautiful chaise lounge holding a loaf of warm buttery bread in one hand and a bag of weed in the other. PAINT ME, BITCHES!

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One thought on “Laboratory of the Noob

  1. Jeannie's Imaginary Friend says:

    You need to change the theme. This one is a little too zen and pretty. You need something raw and gritty.

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